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New HP Fan Fiction Community

Hello everyone,

I guess that most of you are interested in Harry Potter fanfictions. IT doesn't matter which pairing you ship or which category you like, all that matters for now is that you like FanFictions.

I've been addicted to FF's for about 3 1/2 years now and still can't get enough but for the last couple of months I noticed a definite lack or overall decrees of quality. This is not supposed to offend anyone - no, we all started somehow.
In addition to the lessening quality (and sometimes quantity) the number of written stories has shot up in no time and by now it's extremely difficult to pick out a good story between a lot of crap (once again, sorry if this offends anyone - it just is partly true).

So I had the idea, to open a community which will collect the real FF's. The classics of every pairing. But I don't mean FF's who're just nice, I mean the "TEH" Stories, the diamonds between mud the stories you read again and again and again and you still never get tired of it. The once you print out and cuddle before going to bed. The ones, one just HAS to have read if he likes that particular pairing.

In my opinion, every ship (by every I mean EVERY, het, slash, femslash ... everything) has it's own Diamonds and we should give credit to them all.

So, I now want to open a community to collect them all so no one needs to look through thousands of others first.

But I need help for that. People, who're just as FF crazy as I am, people with whom I can decide if y story is worth being collected in our archive, people who love diving deep into the HP fandom.

If you're one of them, read the rest and apply!

So, first of all, I'll tell you what, in my mind, we need and later I tell you what has to be done in this position.

· Second Maintainer
· Shipping Mods
· Universal Mods
· Graphic Artist(s)

Second Maintainer

The second maintainer is someone who really has time and dedication and a certain amount of knowledge about Harry Potter and FanFictions because I'm in the middle of doing my A Level and therefor it might happen that I suddenly vanish for a few days because a major exam came up.

The Second maintainer is a person who has an eye on everything going on in the community and someone the Mods can turne to if there is a problem.
Of course all this applies for me as well. It would be good, as well, if he (or she ;) ) had a good knowledge of lj so we can make the community reaally pretty.

Shipping Mods

Shipping Mods are mods who are addicted and live and breath only THEIR OTP (One True Pairing). Of course, one can have two OTPs, but you get what I mean. These Mods read through the submitted FF's and decide (in consultation with the rest of the team) if the submitted FF is really worth it.

Universal Mods

The Universal Mods care about the usual stuff that comes along with Moderating a community. They post announcements, the submitted FF's and watch over the discussion posts.
They, as well, are allowed to and encouraged to read the submitted FF's and give in their vote but it's not a total must for them.

Don't wonder about the graphic design stuff, for the beginning, I'll take ofer the job...

Still interested? Then APPLY!

If you want to apply for one of the offered positions, have a question or things and/or thoughts to add, please click on the Link below and fill out the application form!


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