cynicalsarah (cynicalsarah) wrote in fanfictiontalks,

Help please!

I am trying to find a couple fan fiction stories which I read a while ago and forgot to save in favorites.

The first was a Severus/Remus fic in which Snape takes a muggle camera from a student and soon becomes obsessed with taking pictures of everything. Eventually Remus finds out about his hobby and investigates. When he finds Snape's collection of albums he is hurt to discover that he is the only person absent from the pictures. Eventually, it is discovered that there is a seperate group of pictures taken by Snape of Remus which reveal the other man's love and devotion. It is a really well written fan fiction which I would love to read again. I have been searching for a couple weeks with no luck, and now I cannot get the fic out of my head!

The second fan fiction is a Draco/Hermione where draco needs to be protected by the order and is sent to hide as a muggle. Hermione is sent to stay with him only as long as it takes to get him functional in the new environment. I seem to remember them getting along from the begining of the fic. I do know that Draco acts deliberatly obtuse on things muggle so that Hermione will not leave him-as he knows that he is in love with her.

Thank you so much for any help that you can give. I hope that this post is welcome, I apologize if this is not allowed.

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